Onigiri with Cute Faces

Onigiri With Faces_August2014

Hey, it’s just me (Rachael) today, as Natalie is off studying. I have been craving really good home cooked food these past few days since we were away much of the last week. I know I mentioned that we were going on some college visits in the last post, but I did not expect the whole week to be so busy! We left on Tuesday and drove seven hours to Pittsburgh where we visited Carnegie Mellon (which was super awesome, by the way). The day after we drove to Cleveland for Natalie to visit Case Western, and after that we went to Oberlin, which is just Southwest of Cleveland. Right after the open house at Oberlin was finished we got into the car and drove all the way back to Niskayuna, New York. We got home around one… in the morning. Continue reading


Peach-Raspberry Popsicles (And a lamentation on Summer)

Popsicles (Peach Raspberry)

It’s only August, but it seems like Summer is already starting to wrap up. The mornings are beginning to become cooler and it’s almost time to start thinking about school. So to push off Fall and stay wrapped up in the hot weather and lazy Summer days that we love (and that you surely love, too), we made a dessert that brings to mind all of those disgustingly hot, headache inducing and sweat-causing days of Summer: popsicles. Continue reading